City of Anna Maria Adopts Deadline for Harris Act Claims

The City of Anna Maria adopted a comprehensive Vacation Rental Ordinance (“VRO”) in April of 2015.  This VRO was challenged in court, and was subsequently amended a number of times by the City prior to the final version being adopted on November 19, 2015.  Amongst other regulations, the VRO places a limit on the maximum […]

Florida Votes: Update on Amendment 2 and Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana continues its pace as a hot topic in Florida since its defeat via a ballot measure in 2014 and subsequent approval in this unpredictable 2106 election.  In 2014 the ballot measure failed with 58 percent approval, just shy of the 60 percent required for a constitutional amendment.  This year, in an decisive result, […]

Scott Rudacille Receives Board Recertification in City, County and Local Government Law by The Florida Bar

Blalock Walters, P.A. is pleased to announce that attorney Scott E. Rudacille has earned board recertification in City, County and Local Government law from The Florida Bar. Rudacille has been board certified since 2010 and is one of only 251 attorneys board certified in city, county and local government law in Florida. Florida Bar Board certification […]

Blalock Walters Obtains Development Approval for Distressed Whitfield Estates Property

The Bradenton Herald reported on June 7, 2013 that a Circle K is coming to Whitfield Estates.  The site, a bank-owned asset, had been occupied by a vacant furniture store for a number of years, and had unique zoning issues that had hindered its redevelopment and marketability.  In 2009, Racetrac had sought approval for a gas station […]

Scott Rudacille Elected as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Anna Maria Island Community Center

Scott E. Rudacille, Esq., principal at the law firm of Blalock Walters, P.A. in Bradenton, has been elected as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Anna Maria Island Community Center. Rudacille practices law in the areas of local government, land use and real estate law. He serves as counsel to a wide variety of […]