Non-compete Agreements and Protection of Referral Relationships

It is not uncommon for employers to require employees to sign agreements that contain non-competition provisions prohibiting employees from engaging in certain activities post-employment. The ability of an employer to enforce such provisions is not entirely clear under Florida law and is usually fact specific. Recently, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion in White […]

How Can You Increase Workplace Civility?

True or not, a common perception is that our society is one that is becoming less respectful and less courteous. This perception is especially true in the workplace where study after study cites examples of rude behavior in the workplace and the accompanying worker dissatisfaction. In fact, legislation has even been proposed to combat perceived […]

Department of Labor Announces Updates to Fair Labor Standards Act’s Overtime Requirements

On May 18, 2016, President Obama and the Department of Labor announced the final rule updating the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime requirements. The primary change contained in the new regulations is to dramatically increase the salary requirement for the white collar exemptions to the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the FLSA. The impact […]

Is Your Company’s Employee Handbook Up to Date?

Employee handbooks should be periodically reviewed to ensure accuracy and legal compliance. Employee Handbooks can be a useful tool to assist employers in explaining policies and procedures to employees. However, in order to provide the maximum benefit to an employer, handbooks should be periodically reviewed to ensure accuracy and legal compliance. Failing to follow written […]

New Appellate Opinion Highlights Unsettled Area of Florida Non-Compete Law

A recent Florida appellate court decision has created additional uncertainty concerning the treatment of referral relationships under Florida’s non-compete law.  Under Florida law, a non-compete cannot simply be enforced to eliminate competition per se. Fla. Stat. § 542.335(b)(1).  Rather, Florida law provides for enforcement of such agreements only when they are reasonably related to the […]