Litigation Group Successfully Defends $209M Claim at Trial

A contract signed without legal review may place you at risk. Among trial lawyers, it is called a “bet the company” case, which simply means if you lose the case you are out of business and bankrupt.  Chuck Johnson and Mary LeVine recently went to trial on a true “bet the company” case and prevailed. […]

One Reason Why Title Insurance Is Not A Substitute For Skilled Lawyers

Many lenders and buyers/sellers believe that by purchasing title insurance they can skimp on lawyers or even skip lawyers altogether. The current environment is exposing the fallacy in those beliefs. Unlike most types of insurance, title insurance is not required to make the insured whole upon presentation of a claim. For example, if your house […]

Three Traps for the Unwary Construction Lender

Fourth Quarter , 2010 Conventional wisdom among construction lenders holds that a first mortgage is bulletproof to claims by contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. The belief, generally, stems from the fact that lien claimants are subordinate to the construction mortgage and can be “foreclosed out”. The conventional wisdom is usually right. In these challenging times, lawyers […]

Guaranty Agreements – A Sure Thing or a Paper Tiger?

Third Quarter, 2010 A guaranty agreement is generally enforceable and, in practice, a guaranty agreement is enforced the overwhelming majority of the time. However, lenders tend to discuss a guaranty agreement with the same certainty that the sun will rise the next day. This article is designed to outline some of the recurring issues with […]

What Is An Assignment For Benefit of Creditors And Is It For Me?

In 1987, the Florida Legislature enacted a statutory scheme called an Assignment for Benefit of Creditors (ABC) more commonly known as an ABC. The ABC process was relatively unknown and seldom utilized until recently. In the last two (2) years, many companies facing insolvency are considering their options (e.g., bankruptcy, ABC, dissolution, walking away, etc.), […]