Robert M. LeVine, J.D., spouse of Blalock Walters’ principal, Mary LeVine, has recently published The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy, now available on Amazon and at

The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy by Robert M. LeVine, J.D.This ground breaking book is a first in legal writing, as Rob uses the short story of a young man who enters into the boat business to clearly explain the workings of the complex UCC to non-lawyers, lawyers, accountants, students, and business owners alike. The UCC is the law in all states which governs commercial transactions and the sale, movement and storage of goods, equipment and finance leases, secured transactions, promissory notes, letters of credit, bank deposits and collections, and electronic funds transfers – in short the fundamentals for nearly every business. Through a series of familiar business transactions, Rob explains how the UCC impacts the various transactions, discusses potential pitfalls, and explains how to avoid potential business problems.

In his book review for ‘The Federal Lawyer,’ past national president of the Federal Bar Association, attorney Thomas Schuck, says “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus! In this case he comes in the form of Robert M. LeVine, a former University of Miami School of Law professor, who has made one of the most complicated bodies of law in the United States—the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)—not only comprehensible but also entertaining.”

Robert M. LeVine, J.D.

Robert M. LeVine, J.D.

Rob is a former law professor for the University of Miami School of Law where he taught the UCC and the federal regulation of banking. For the past ten years, Rob has served as an adjunct professor at Stetson University Law School teaching UCC courses on sales, movement and storage of goods, finance, consumer and equipment leases, and secured transactions. Rob is also a frequent national speaker providing motivational speaking and continuing education seminars to attorneys and accountants on the UCC, including the American Bar Association, the Manatee County Bar Association, and various other state and local bar associations, among other groups.

For more information about how the UCC applies to you and your business, please contact our business litigation attorney, Mary LeVine, at

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