Land Use Insights

Florida Votes: Update on Amendment 2 and Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana continues its pace as a hot topic in Florida since its defeat via a ballot measure in 2014 and subsequent approval in this unpredictable 2106 election.  In 2014 the ballot measure failed with 58 percent approval, just shy of the 60 percent required for a constitutional amendment.  This year, in an decisive result, […]

Blalock Walters Assists Client in Obtaining Approval for Mixed-Use Development

The Manatee County Commission approved a Rezone and General Development Plan for a mixed-use development project located at the intersection of Fort Hamer Road and Mulholland Road in northern Manatee County.  Scott Rudacille, a land use attorney with Blalock Walters, represented the applicant on the project, which consisted of 164 single-family semi-detached lots and an […]

Victory for Ground Level Remodels in Flood-Prone Areas

The communities on Anna Maria Island have been trying to maintain their historic character by encouraging the remodeling of existing ground-level homes.  Meanwhile, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) seeks to limit exposure to flood claims by pressuring these communities to take more and more restrictive positions on ground-level renovations, to force property owners to […]

Manatee County Land Development Code Update

Manatee County is continuing to receive comments regarding the update of its Land Development Code.  While many of the changes are related to clean up, some are substantive in nature, such as shortening the periods that various site plans remain in effect.  Blalock Walters is assisting property owners and developers in reviewing and commenting on the […]

Anna Maria Adopts New Restrictions on Houses

In January of this year, the City of Anna Maria attempted to place a ban on all vacation rentals in the City.  Blalock Walters represented more than 30 affected property owners, and was instrumental in the City’s decision to rescind this action. However, once the vacation rental ban was off the table, the City then […]