On June 7, 2012 the Manatee County Commission approved site plans for two significant projects in northern and eastern Manatee County presented by Blalock Walters’ attorneys Mark Barnebey and Scott Rudacille.

Mark, who was formerly the senior land use attorney for the County, was involved in the 102-home Rye Road Subdivision which was approved at a density of nearly three units per acre east of Rye Road. The project was challenged at public hearing by those who wanted to see a lower density development and threatened litigation against the County.

Scott was involved in the redesign of the struggling Cross Creek project. This development was unanimously approved for 1282 units of residential development. This was the first project to include multifamily residential development on Fort Hamer Road.

Blalock Walters’ Land Use Group Mark Barnebey, Scott Rudacille and Will Robinson, who are all Manatee County natives, are available to assist you with your project development needs related to a Development of Regional Impact, rezoning, a special approval, a variance, or other permitting issues in Southwest and Central Florida.

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