Blalock Walters Sponsors ArtCenter Manatee International Watercolor Society Exhibit

Blalock Walters is proud to sponsor ArtCenter Manatee’s International Watercolor Exhibit, which will be on display March 9, 2021 through April 9, 2021.

ArtCenter Manatee has partnered with the International Watercolor Society (IWS) a non-profit worldwide organization, to create a Florida Chapter, one of only five branches in the United States. We are part of their worldwide network of over 100 branches, galleries, and education centers.

The intent in forming a chapter in Florida is to promote the art of watercolor in our community and the state as a whole. The IWS, founded in 2012, is committed to bringing people together despite differences in race, religion, culture and distance. With over 100 branches worldwide, they promote love, peace and harmony around the world through art, the common language of people throughout the world. Education is of great importance to the IWS. Learning and sharing knowledge and experience of watercolor through exhibits, discussion, seminars, workshops and master classes.

As a new member of IWS, we hope to build a membership within Florida. A number of our members are members of The National Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society.

ArtCenter Manatee has scheduled the first Florida International Exhibition, inviting international watercolor artists to display their work in the Kellogg Gallery, the largest of our three galleries. Again, the Exhibit will be on display March 9 through April 9, 2021.

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