Recently we reported a scam involving a mailing to business owners indicating that they were required to file “annual minutes” with the Florida Department of State or pay a fee to “complete their articles of incorporation.” The opportunists are back at it and there is new scam that we were alerted about today. The new scam involves a letter from the Florida Center of Corporations indicating that business are required to file a Certificate of Status Renewal Fee in the amount of $54.47 in order to maintain corporate status. There is no requirement to obtain a certificate of status annually. This is a scam. And, if a certificate of status is needed for any purpose, (i.e., to confirm corporate existence at the time a loan agreement is signed), the certificate can be obtained directly from the Florida Department of State for a fee of $5.00.

If you have any questions about a mailing that you receive or need assistance with business entity formation or maintenance requirements, please call one of our business attorneys at 941-748-0100.

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