Mark P. Barnebey

Mark P. Barnebey, Esq., Board Certified in City, County & Local Government

Mark Barnebey, as attorney for the School Board of Manatee County, assisted in obtaining the vacation and closing of a portion of 32nd Street West in Bradenton. A street vacation is sometimes proposed when the benefits of the County or City controlling this area of a street (or vacant right-of-way) are outweighed by the benefits of deeding the property to the adjoining property owner. Usually, if vacated, the property subject to the street vacation will be divided equally between adjoining property owners.

In this case, 32nd Street West, which divided parts of the Manatee High School campus, created a significant health and safety issue for students at the high school.

Although the road was closed during school hours, accidents had occurred with students crossing the street after school activities, when the road was reopened. More importantly, even when the street was closed, pedestrians could not be restricted from using this area because of the public nature of the area. This allowed potentially disruptive, dangerous or inappropriate people to mingle with students and staff during school hours without the ability of the school officials or police to make them leave.

The long term plan for the vacated street is to provide a landscaped and integrated campus setting for this area of Manatee High School. Additional security and safety features should benefit the educational experience for students and faculty of Manatee High.

Mark is a Principal and group leader of our Local Government and Land Use Services. He is Board Certified in City, County and Local Government Law by The Florida Bar. Contact Mark for more information.

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