Florida Homestead Tax Exemption Primer and Reminder

As we move towards the close of 2011 and the start of 2012, it is always important to revisit the Florida Homestead Tax Exemption to make sure its benefit is not missed. As in 2011, the Florida Homestead Tax Exemption for 2012 will provide that property owners who make Florida their permanent residency prior to […]

Mezzanine Financing: Best Financing in the House or Overpriced Bleacher Seats?

Fourth Quarter , 2010 Gone are the days of walking into a bank and signing your name for an unlimited amount of money. Despite the assurances from Washington that banks should lend to small businesses, the truth of the matter is that government regulators are virtually stopping any financing flow to the consumer. The pendulum […]

Florida Senate Bill 2430 Drastically Alters Documentary Stamp Tax Provision

Recently, Governor Crist approved Florida Senate Bill 2430 which amended Florida Statute 201.02 effective July 1, 2009. This newly enacted bill has drastically altered the documentary stamp tax provision of Florida Statute 201.02 by providing that effective July 1, 2009 conveyances of interests in “conduit entities” that occur within three years after the conveyance of […]

Lease Options – A Creative Alternative In Today’s Market

With the current real estate market in a state of flux, many buyers and sellers are looking for new alternatives in lieu of the conventional sale. One such alternative, the lease option, is a creative tool that benefits both buyers and sellers. A lease option is a combination of real estate rental, sales, and finance […]