Business Litigation

Blalock Walters Business Litigation Services Group

We make a difference in the lives and businesses of our clients by resolving disputes and eliminating future disputes.  Astute businesses and individuals realize that litigation and dispute resolution rarely add profit or increase wellbeing. Some disputes are, however, unavoidable and must be addressed. Indeed, some disputes have the potential for life-changing results. We have the experience in trial and other forums to make a difference.

Some disputes require an aggressive and uncompromising strategy directed solely toward a successful trial result. Other disputes require a practical, measured and cost conscious approach. Most are somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of the nature of the dispute, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients. Once we understand the needs of our clients and the nature of the problem, we collaborate to develop an appropriate strategy tailored to the issues. Too often, commercial litigation lawyers apply their approach, rather than the approach needed and requested by the client.

We Make a Difference in Trial for Our Clients:

  • A personal representative was sued for $10 million dollars by her litigious stepson. Following a five day jury trial, we obtained a defense verdict.
  • An employee was sued by his former employer for violation a non-competition agreement and for violation of the statutory trade secrets law. After we successfully defended the employee in a three day non-jury trial, the employer paid our client $80,000 in attorney’s fees.
  • A charitable organization was an $8 Million dollar beneficiary of a trust. The sons of the decedent challenged the trust on various grounds including undue influence and fraud. After a five day trial, our client prevailed, and received their $8 million.
  • An oceanfront property owner obtained a preliminary permit to construct his dream home, but a nearby property owner contested the permit on environmental grounds. After a two day trial, the Department of Environmental Protection issued the permit overruling the objection.

We Make a Difference on Appeal

  • We were hired after a significant lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice by the court. We obtained a complete reversal from the Second District Court of Appeal reinstating all of our client’s claims.
  • A beneficiary sought to intervene after the trial court granted summary judgment affecting her interest. After the trial court denied the request, we obtained rulings from the Second District Court of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court allowing the intervention and reversing the summary judgment.
  • A subcontractor entered into a contract providing for venue exclusively in Kentucky. We argued that the Florida Statutes superseded the contract venue provision, and the trial court disagreed. We then obtained a ruling from the Fifth District Court of Appeal in case of first impression that venue was proper in Florida.

We Make a Difference by Finding Creative Solutions to Complex Problems

  • A subcontractor brought a claim for differing site conditions and Eichleay damages against a municipality, the general contractor and the bonding company. We negotiated a $750,000 settlement including timing the payment to minimize our client’s taxes.
  • A title insurance company had a claim where a significant first mortgage was alleged to be subordinate to a first-in-time line of credit. After discovery, the holder of the line of credit voluntarily signed a subordination agreement based on the principle of equitable subrogation.