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We make a difference in the lives of our business clients by serving as business attorney and adviser while assisting in the implementation of business and legal strategies. Our business attorneys serve as proactive allies with our clients, in and out of the boardroom, providing effective, efficient, and strategic legal and business advice to help them achieve their business goals. We distinguish ourselves from other law firms by providing results-oriented solutions to achieve our clients’ business needs and personal objectives. We communicate frequently with our clients through seminars and newsletters to keep them at the forefront of new laws and business trends.

Blalock Walters has represented and continues to represent many of the region’s oldest and largest locally-owned businesses, as well as new businesses, whether due to relocation or otherwise.  Additionally, we represent numerous out-of-state corporations that require local legal representation. Clients include an array of closely-held companies, merchants, banks, agricultural enterprises, and entrepreneurs. We handle a wide variety of matters for our business clients, including the creation of their businesses, purchases and sales, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and agreements of all types, leasing, lending or borrowing, tax matters, and dissolution.

Our business attorneys make a difference by working to solve the myriad of problems businesses deal with on a daily basis. In seeking solutions to the increasingly complex problems faced by businesses today, we provide counseling to avoid future problems, and where controversies exist, we make a difference by providing litigation and “work-out” services for our clients.

  • New Federal Rule Requires Disclosing Business Owners
    by Matthew Lapointe on June 12, 2023 at 4:35 pm

    The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued its final rule on the reporting requirements of beneficial ownership information under the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)* on September 29, 2022. The final rule will become effective on January 1, 2024. The final rule requires certain entities to report their beneficial owners with

  • What Is Going To Happen To Your Vacation Home? Planning Makes All the Difference
    by Matthew Lapointe on December 21, 2022 at 3:33 pm

    Planning makes all the difference. Leaving the vacation property to each of your children in equal shares, without addressing all of the complexities of co-ownership, maintenance costs and the potential for serious disputes among the owners is not a plan. Somebody recently asked me what was one of my fondest childhood memories. I immediately thought


Examples of recent major engagements include:

  • closed an approximately $35M sale transaction, including guaranteed compensation, from letter of intent to closing within 60 days;
  • worked closely with a local business from start up to sale over a period of several years, which netted the owners over $15M at closing;
  • orchestrated creative lender/borrower multi-million dollar “work outs” in loan and joint venture transactions to avoid foreclosure or litigation; and
  • represented numerous sellers to a national purchaser in a focused industry segment and achieved tremendous value for sellers outside of the purchaser’s standard deal terms.


The agriculture industry is one that requires a very specialized knowledge in a number of different areas: Taxation, Labor & Employment, Environmental, Construction Litigation, Land Use, Real Estate, Family Succession Planning and Estate Planning, and Corporate Farming. Blalock Walters recognizes the specialized services needed for agribusiness, farm producers, and packers and growers. We have many years of agribusiness experience and offer sophisticated legal services that address the unique needs of the industry.

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Our integrated law practice areas offer a complete range of legal services for the auto industry, including buying and selling auto dealerships, purchasing real estate and negotiating commercial leases, title insurance, estate and succession planning for family owned dealerships and litigation defense, including defense of lemon-law cases and employment lawsuits.

The tax attorneys at Blalock Walters provide corporate formation and tax and business strategies for dealing with changes in the automobile industry to help maximize your company’s tax and financial advantages.

Business Transitions

We help business owners plan for the single most critically important event of their lives – the inevitable transition out of their businesses. Our 7-Step Exit Planning Process will help you identify your goals and create a strategic plan.

  • Minimize taxes
  • Reduce transaction risk
  • Increase after-tax proceeds
  • Ensure that you maintain control of your company during the transition
  • Protect your loved ones

Don’t make the mistake of most business owners who have not done a great deal of succession planning. Leave your business in style, after you have attained all of your specific goals and objectives.

Equine Law

The equine industry includes many different business interests with unique legal needs. Equine law involves the law as it relates to all aspects of horses and horse-related activities. Our team at Blalock Walters understands the unique and specialized needs of the equine industry and those passionate about their horses, and is prepared to offer the specialized services, including tax, business services, litigation, employment, immigration, land use, real estate, business succession planning, and estate planning.

Generally speaking, our team at Blalock Walters is able to provide specialized services, addressing the unique equine needs of horse owners, businesses, professionals, associations and facilities with the following:

  • Preparing, review, or negotiate equine-related contracts (such as purchase and sales agreements, leases, stallion service contracts, liability waivers/releases, facility use agreements, stallion management agreements, and boarding contracts)
  • Establishing businesses, including corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, syndication, or limited liability companies
  • Assist with tax planning and resolving tax disputes, including “hobby loss disputes” with the government
  • Real estate purchases or transactions
  • Handle or resolve zoning and land use disputes
  • Litigation matters involving horse related matters

Information Technology

Blalock Walters understands the technical, corporate, and legal concerns related to technology industry related companies including licensing agreements, equipment leasing and purchase agreements, and hosting and internet service provider, as well as non-compete and other employment agreements. Our litigation group handles breach of contract, collections, and contract dispute issues relating to technology-related businesses. Our labor and employment group counsels with information technology companies as to day-to-day personnel practices and employee relations matters, employment agreements and labor relations.

We make a difference by understanding our clients’ business goals and technologies. From a quick contract review to complex contract drafting and negotiation, we strive to ensure that contracts and agreements are structured with a good foundation avoiding future surprises or issues.


Today’s manufacturers are faced with increased global competition and rising labor and litigation costs. The industry is focused on process improvement, best practices, and evolving efficient and streamlined internal operations. Blalock Walters represents all types of manufacturing, from small machine shops to top selling consumer goods to sophisticated medical products. Our team of attorneys can assist you in developing strategies for dealing with legal issues in the industry and make a difference in your company’s competitive advantage. Blalock Walters’ attorneys handle issues involving corporate structure, patents, business litigation, contract disputes, collections, labor and employment, immigration, as well and real estate law and litigation, environmental issues, permitting, land use and banking and finance. Our goal is to assist in the successful operations and best practices of your business.

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Non-profits and Foundations

Assisting private foundations and nonprofit organizations in our communities has been a focus of Blalock Walters from the beginning. As nonprofits have become more sophisticated and complex through the years, and subject to increasing regulation, our estate planning, corporate, tax law, real estate law and employment law groups have effectively provided guidance and counsel to help the nonprofit environment thrive.

We provides specialized legal services in the charitable foundation and non-profit area, including:

  • Formation of non-profit organizations and foundations;
  • Tax exemption applications;
  • Prohibited transaction analysis;
  • Reasonable compensation analysis;
  • Analysis and planning of corporate transactions involving tax-exempt organizations;
  • Corporate governance matters;
  • Real estate purchases, leasing and construction;
  • Employment matters; and
  • Dissolution and liquidation of nonprofits.


With many years involved in the sports industry in our communities, we offer a wide range of legal services to professional athletes and sports-related organizations. Blalock Walters works with Major League Baseball players and organizations, as well as other professional sports industries, in the areas of real estate law, land use, litigation, construction law, estate planning, tax, immigration, labor and employment, contracts, and business operations. Additionally, we assist retired baseball players with their businesses, foundations, and tax and estate planning needs that are unique to the profession. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to keep our clients informed of the significant tax and legal issues that often arise for professional athletes and ensure that we provide the highest quality of service.

Private Equity

Blalock Walters’ Private Equity attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the market and trends, which positions us to have a client-oriented focus approach when working collaboratively to achieve your objectives. With the increasing sophistication and complexity of private equity transactions, this service has become increasingly important to the experienced attorneys at Blalock Walters.

How We Make a Difference

We offer an ideal blend of experience for companies and investors in every discipline and skill set you need to grow from the early stages of fund formation through financing, acquisitions, portfolio company management and exit strategies.

Blalock Walters’ private equity practice involves representing clients in many different industries, including buyers and sellers of both private and public companies. We also represent multiple private equity investors in “club” transactions. We have worked with numerous private equity and venture capital funds on every aspect of the fund life cycle, providing the full range of legal services including:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Employee benefits
  • Tax structuring
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Transactions

Along with being qualified attorneys, we also are experienced entrepreneurs who will work with you as true partners as you create your fund, raise capital, form strategic alliances, analyze opportunities, execute deals, and carry out your exit strategy.

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