Health Care Law

We make a difference in the lives of our healthcare clients by redefining traditional notions of legal services by remaining at the forefront of emerging trends and regulatory-driven healthcare business opportunities. We search for unique solutions to help our clients achieve the results they expect.

Our healthcare attorneys understand the health care marketplace and the trends ahead after health care reform became law. We constantly focus on how to add economic value in every engagement. We represent physicians, medical group practices, dentists, physician billing and management companies, imaging centers, hospice providers, home health agencies, ambulatory surgical centers, therapy providers, and other ancillary healthcare ventures. Our healthcare attorneys are in the boardroom with our clients to provide effective, proactive and strategic legal counsel. We communicate frequently with our clients through seminars and newsletters to keep them at the forefront of new health care laws and trends in the industry.

The practice area includes board certified healthcare attorneys, business attorneys, litigators, wealth preservation attorneys, and medical real estate lawyers.

  • New Direct Primary Care Models for Florida
    by Ann Breitinger on May 29, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    The new Direct Primary Care (DPC) model law will take effect July 1, 2018. DPC practice models eliminate the fee-for-service payment structure and instead accept one monthly flat fee intended to cover all of the comprehensive primary care needs of the patient for the month. Advocates of the DPC practice model tout the model as […]

  • Small Practices Not Immune from HIPAA Enforcement
    by Matthew Lapointe on June 21, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    Small medical practices who think they don’t need to worry about HIPAA privacy and security compliance had better think again.  A 6-physician practice in the Chicago area recently paid the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services $31,000 to settle alleged violations of the HIPAA Privacy Rules. The Center for Children’s Digestive Health, a pediatric […]


Examples of recent major engagements include:

  • closed a $35M physician/hospital transaction from letter of intent to closing within 60 days;
  • represented numerous specialty physician groups in the sale to a national purchaser and achieved tremendous value for sellers outside of the purchaser’s standard deal terms;
  • negotiated sophisticated multimillion dollar exclusive contracts between physicians and hospitals, such as anesthesia groups;
  • formation and merger of large group practices, with integrated ancillary services such as radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging;
  • sale and purchase of large surgery centers, medical practices, physician billing and management companies and imaging companies;
  • formation and sale of major medical office building projects;
  • successful resolutions of medical staff disputes;
  • successful settlement of OIG investigations; and
  • successful settlement of overpayment allegations.

Private Equity

Blalock Walters’ Private Equity attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the market and trends, which positions us to have a client-oriented focus approach when working collaboratively to achieve your objectives. With the increasing sophistication and complexity of private equity transactions, this service has become increasingly important to the experienced attorneys at Blalock Walters.

How We Make a Difference

We offer an ideal blend of experience for companies and investors in every discipline and skill set you need to grow from the early stages of fund formation through financing, acquisitions, portfolio company management and exit strategies.

Blalock Walters’ private equity practice involves representing clients in many different industries, including buyers and sellers of both private and public companies. We also represent multiple private equity investors in “club” transactions. We have worked with numerous private equity and venture capital funds on every aspect of the fund life cycle, providing the full range of legal services including:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Employee benefits
  • Tax structuring
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Transactions

Along with being qualified attorneys, we also are experienced entrepreneurs who will work with you as true partners as you create your fund, raise capital, form strategic alliances, analyze opportunities, execute deals, and carry out your exit strategy.

Health Care Attorneys

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