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Jenifer S. Schembri, Estate Planning, Board Certified in Tax Law

Although Medicare and Medicaid are both household words, many people confuse the two. There are significant differences between these programs and anyone caring for their loved ones should understand the basic differences and how Medicaid in particular can help you.

Medicaid is a program which can significantly assist in situations when nursing home care is needed and financial resources are not available to fund this necessary care. Generally speaking, if the patient satisfies both the income and asset criteria, Medicaid will pay the difference between the patient’s monthly income and the monthly nursing home expenses. Medicaid Planning involves structuring assets so that your loved ones are prepared to qualify for Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits if they become necessary.  In addition, we can guide you through the often confusing Medicaid application process and assist you in understanding the overall program. We will walk you through the process and provide life-care and asset protection plans that work for you.

At first glance the medical and financial eligibility requirements for attaining Florida Medicaid benefits for nursing home care may appear fairly simple, but meeting the necessary legal requirements can turn out to be quite complex. Blalock Walters can quickly guide you through the eligibility process for the state of Florida.



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