Business Litigation Insights

Civility in Business Litigation

  My wife has a saying that goes like this: “Everything is personal.”  She means that for our family, in all things in our lives, we aim to interact with people on a genuine level.  Our firm culture at Blalock Walters reinforces this notion for me, because we, as a firm, strive to develop relationships […]

Litigation and the Baby Boomer Wealth Transfer

Over the next several decades, up to $30 trillion in assets will transfer from the baby boomer generation to their Gen X and Millennial children, and the baby boomers’ favored charities. Change of this magnitude, and of such immense wealth, will most assuredly precipitate many changes in the lives of those affected. These huge wealth […]

Is My Arbitration Clause Valid and Tailored to My Business?

There are many issues to consider in deciding whether to include an arbitration clause in your standard contracts.  However, if arbitration is right for resolving your business disputes, it is important that the arbitration clause is drafted properly to ensure it is enforceable and covers only claims appropriate for arbitration.  Under both federal statutory provisions […]

Litigation Group Successfully Defends $209M Claim at Trial

A contract signed without legal review may place you at risk. Among trial lawyers, it is called a “bet the company” case, which simply means if you lose the case you are out of business and bankrupt.  Chuck Johnson and Mary LeVine recently went to trial on a true “bet the company” case and prevailed. […]

Understanding Arbitration Clauses

Today, many contracts contain arbitration clauses, which often state that in the event of any dispute arising from the contract, the parties will be required to resolve the dispute through binding arbitration — instead of in a court of law. Before agreeing to arbitration, it is important that you understand the consequences of signing a […]