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We listen, we understand, we make a difference. We make a difference in the lives of our clients through our commitment to the peace of mind and financial well-being of our clients, their families and their loved ones. As Florida estate planning attorneys, we pride ourselves on developing a relationship with our clients, listening and understanding their wishes, concerns and specific circumstances. This allows us to counsel clients on their options and provide creative solutions to assist in implementing the plan they create. As Florida probate attorneys, we provide the advice, support and guidance in fulfilling our clients’ wishes and estate plans created for their loved ones. Although these times may be personally difficult for clients who have lost loved ones, we make a difference in providing certainty and support through this process. As counselors, we recognize preserving wealth for families and their loved ones is an important priority.  We focus on the needs of our clients and their loved ones in designing estate plans to provide both protection and flexibility, while fulfilling clients’ estate planning wishes.

  • Blalock Walters’ Estate Planning Group planned, drafted and assisted in implementing an IRA conduit trust with separate shares for a client who wished to extend the financial benefits and tax advantages of postponing outright lump sum distributions upon death to designated individual heirs.
  • Blalock Walters’ Estate Administration Group has drafted and assisted clients in implementing post mortem disclaimers to accomplish transfers of assets to clients’ loved ones while minimizing estate tax consequences for clients’ families.
  • Blalock Walters’ Estate Planning Group planned and implemented the assets of a $25MM estate to allow the client to provide for his family while fulfilling his commitment to the community through charitable giving.
  • Blalock Walters’ Estate Administration Group created an additional $500,000 charitable gift to the local community foundation through creative post-death tax planning.